Exercises for Newbies

Exercises for Newbies

Sometimes your body will require more than just a little stretching here and there. Sometimes, you will really need to get up from where your butt is commonly glued at. This is not just the case of those who want to start firming up muscles for a better shape, for those who want to reduce their weights because it’s already alarming, or for those who want to look sexier and hotter. Exercise is needed by everyone – young or old, male or female. Sometimes, exercise gives the common misconception that you need to head out to the gyms and hire a gym trainer. An exercise is one of the simplest things in the world. You don’t need a personal trainer nor equipment for you to do it. Don’t worry, it may be hart at first, but as you get used to it, it will become easier.

Here are some of the practical exercises that even newbies like you can do. It’s time to stand up and exercise, it won’t hurt, and it will definitely be worth-it. Get going, stand up and try some of the recommended exercises for newbies below:


Walking is a cardiovascular exercise, meaning it is good for your heart functioning and blood circulation. You do walking every day, but in this case, you would need to learn the proper way to do it. In walking for fitness, make sure you follow the correct posture as what was taught to you in your third grade PE class. It’s as easy as that.

Walking is one of the most hassle-free exercises, you don’t need equipment, just a good pair of shoes. You can do it anywhere, from your yards, to the park or even to the nearest running track. You can also walk around the neighborhood. You can do it anytime, you can do it after work or early in the morning. It doesn’t require much sacrifice for you, so if you are a busy person, walking for fitness is a good choice.


pushupsYes, push-ups are also for newbies. You don’t need to be an expert in fitness and work out for you to be able to do a decent push-up. Don’t worry if you can’t so far, with practice, you will eventually be able to do a decent and correct push-up.

Experts say that when a push-up is done correctly, it is a good way to strengthen out the muscles in your arms, as well as chest, shoulders and core trunk muscles. It’s hitting so many birds with one stone. Check out videos on the internet on how to make a good and perfect push-up. With a little bit of practice, you can surely master it.

As your mastery increases, you can add a little bit of difficulty in your push-up so you can make it more engaging and challenging.


For those who want flat abdomen, and even a six-pack abs, crunches is a necessity. If you’re a starter, you can’t expect a perfect crunch in your first time. But as long as you keep on watching and reading tutorials, you can surely execute a perfect crunch in no time.

Crunches are good ways to firm up your abdominal muscles, and in most cases flatten it. This is the most ideal exercise routine for people who would love to have a flat and small abdomen.

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Everyday Routine to Stay Healthy and Fit

Everyday Routine to Stay Healthy and Fit

Health is the condition of mind and body which a person is able to work to one’s potential. It is said that having body that is healthy can be preserved for a long time and ageing can be delayed if certain practices are being followed.

Staying fit and being healthy on weight is not easy as it may seem to other people. Small things that we do every day can make a person stay healthy. Drinking Green Smoothies are a great way, using a Vitamix or Ninja Blender to make them. Once you get used to it every day and make it a routine, then it can be effortless.

Following these kinds of routines can help you stay fit and be healthy:

  • Weigh yourself on a weighing scale as often as possible. People who weigh themselves regularly are likely to be healthy in weight. According to some obesity experts, regular weighing does not promote disorders in eating.
  • Schedule and plan your exercise and make it a habit.
  • Don’t waste calories on eating bad food. Think before you eat.
  • Speeding up your cardio. Parking your car and taking a walk before and after your appointments. Walking 20 minutes per trip can improve conditioning to your cardiovascular system. Exercising is key in losing your weight. It can also burns your calories and increases capacity aerobically, keeping exercises from getting boring.
  • Walking up the stairs. This improves your leg strength.
  • Pushups also improve strength on your upper body which includes core stability and getting your blood flow.
  • Getting out of your chair for every 30 or 40 minutes and have a stretch and then walk a while around for a minute. It will lessen pain in your back and improves blood circulation.
  • Riding your bike instead of your car. You can burn calories and lessened the risk of many diseases.
  • Taking public transport will have you move more, and the benefits will go to your health just by moving. You can also meet and socialize with other people.
  • Lifting more weights. Cardio exercises are great for anyone by adding resistance training to their daily routine. The weights that you lift should be heavy to be more challenging. If you can do 12-15 repetitions every day without any difficulty, then you may feel the need to increase the weight. Resistance training can increase mass on your muscles which helps the body burn calories while you’re at rest and helps make daily activities much easier into your life.
  • Keeping things interesting and fun. The one way to avoid getting burned out is to change your daily routine. Sticking to a regular activity is important to you, but it is also important to have fun like signing up for a race, trying a new fitness class at the gym or go hiking with family and friends.

An ideal every day routine is about feeling good about yourself, being energetic, mood stabilizing, and keeping yourself healthy all of which can be achieved by learning some basics about nutrition and using them in a way that fits for you. Also to help maintain healthy energy levels, you can using a kCup machine. Also a toaster oven is great too. The secret about fitness daily is finding exercises that you enjoy and have fun.

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Different Types of Physical Exercise

Exercise is a physical activity that can sustain or direct to physical fitness if it is planned and recurrent for the intention to condition the body. It comprises conditioning in the cardiovascular system, muscle firming and resistance training, and flexibility to make a better and preserve the fitness of some organs in the body like the heart, lungs, and muscles.

Exercise can also be simple like playing sports, or can be formal, like going to the gym to work out. There are many ways in improving cardiovascular fitness with exercises that can elevate your heart rate. The activity for you and the one you’re ready to stick with, is the one you can enjoy and can adapt easily into your life.

These different types of exercises that can boost your energy and to maintain being fit physically:


It can improve your health and develop cardiovascular fitness better, muscles in the leg can be stronger, blood pressure can be lowered, risk of diseases in the heart, diabetes, and osteoporosis can be lowered too. It’s also a safe exercise that people can do and it’s good for you if you’re overweight or pregnant.


Running is an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere you like. It is important in helping improve your heart health as well as bone health.


Jogging is still a great exercise. Jogging can be a social activity too just like walking and running and you can do it with a friend, family or in a group.


This is good aerobic exercise can boosts strength in your upper body. Boxing classes are available in some gyms. Some of the classes involve a sparring session with a partner by taking turns to hold pads while the other punches you wearing boxing mitts. Others use no mitts or pads, just punching in the air and other boxing moves to simulate training. You can also use punching bags either at the gym or in your house.


Swimming is one way to get fit. It’s a workout for the body like your back, shoulder and arm muscles. It improves flexibility too. It’s a good also to people who are obese, pregnant or have problems in their joints because water helps support weight and can reduce the joint pressure.


Styles of dancing like hip hop can provide aerobic workout and can improve flexibility and also bone strength. It’s an activity usually indoor and you can do it anytime whatever conditions the weather has. Dancing classes are available in some community centers, gyms and even dance schools.


Bicycling is an aerobic workout or exercise that is eco-friendly in the form of transport. It’s a good workout for improving strength in your legs, toning your muscles at your leg and buttock applying less stress on your joints compared to walking and running.

Team Sports

Team sports like soccer, volleyball or basketball can provide workout that can improve muscle and bone strength. It provides social activity as well

Household chores

You can be physically fit and active in your own home. Everything from clearing to washing the dishes to cleaning up your entire house, it’s an exercise that can boost energy. Your kids can help you too.

Physical exercise is important in maintaining fitness physically and can contribute on maintaining weight, maintaining healthy bone, joint mobility, and muscle strengthening which can promote to physiological well-being, reducing diseases and strengthening your immune system. Doing these exercises can improve fitness. It will not only improve health but also you can have fun too.


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Choosing the Perfect Fitness Coach for You

Choosing the Perfect Fitness Coach for You

fitness coachFitness coaches play an important role for people who love going to gyms to workout. You can also hire a fitness trainer or coach who could provide his or her service within the comfort of your home, especially if you have a home gym. However, hiring a personal fitness expert, trainer or coach can be costly. But if you really want to avail of one, you would need to make sure that who you’re paying for will give you your money’s worth. Make sure that you find one who satisfies your standards and preferences. You also need to make sure that you go along together.

Here are a few more tips and requirements to look for a personal fitness coach to be sure that who you’re paying for is worth it:

Look for their Credentials and Certification

Nowadays, there are many organizations which offer certifications to skilled personal fitness coaches and trainers. These certifications are only issued if they are skilled and competent enough, depending on the standards set by the organization. In the United States, there is the American Council on Exercise (ACE) which is dedicated to training personal coaches and certifying that they have adhered to the standards and competence set by the organization. However, don’t be fooled if your prospect tells you that he is fully-certified by certain organization. Make sure that the organization for which he was certified has a good reputation. It is best to check with the list from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies to make sure that your trainer is duly-certified by a respectable and reliable organization.


They say that experience is always the best teacher. This is essential in the field of fitness. Exercise and work out routines require a great deal of time for mastery. Make sure that your personal fitness coach or trainer has the enough and sufficient experience to make him well-versed in his field.

For your personal security and safety, you would need to have someone who really knows what he or she is doing. You cannot risk to have a broken bone simply because you hired a newbie personal trainer. You must make sure that the trainer you are going to hire is well-experienced to make sure that he or she can handle extreme conditions and can really bring out the best in your fitness and wellness routines. Experience also makes him more competent.


Of course, it would be best to hire someone with a good reputation. You can ask your family or relatives for referrals. If most of the people you know say good things about the trainer, then you can be assured that he is good enough for you. Also, you would need to make sure that he or she gets along well with you and other people. This is a sign that he has a good personality, aside from his skill and competence. Do your research and make sure that he has no previous negative feedbacks such as injuries and accidents. The word of the tongue can be a good way to determine whether or not that personal fitness coach is best for you.

See for Yourself

Before you hire him or her, set a meeting. Study him or her well personally. Make sure that his or her personality compliments yours. That way, you can be assured that the both of you can jive well together.

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Cheap Exercises for You

Cheap Exercises for You

at home excercingSometimes, the term exercise or workout bring with it the common misconception that you would need to spend much money. Working out and exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that you would need to head out to the gym, get a costly membership and avail of an expensive fitness trainer or expert. You don’t need to set-up a home gym and buy expensive and costly workout facilities and equipment in your home. There are many workout and exercise routines that cost very cheap, some won’t even cost you anything. You don’t need to splurge so much of your money on exercise when you can have free and definitely cheap alternatives.

Check out some of the best and cheapest exercise and workout routines best for you:

Brisk Walking

Yes, mere walking is one of the best and cheapest exercises that you can do. Walking is a cardiovascular exercise, meaning it improve the functioning of your heart plus the circulation of your blood. You can do walking, anytime and anywhere. You may opt to do it after office hours so you can go straight ahead after you work. You may also choose to do it early in the morning, before the sun shines so you won’t have to walk under the scorching heat of the sun plus there are lesser vehicles around reducing the possible smoke inhalation and vehicular accidents.

Walking is best when you optimize its potential by executing it correctly. Your third grade PE teachers may have discussed with you the fundamentals of walking plus the proper posture. This still is best until now. You have to do it correctly for you to feel and optimize fully the routine. You don’t need any equipment either. As long as you have a good pair of shoes, you’re good to go. Sometimes, you may want keep track of your steps so you can also get a pedometer, but it isn’t necessary.

Check the fitness channel or internet for exercise videos

Why hire a trainer when every routine he teaches you to do can be found either in the fitness channel or in the internet? There are hundreds of techniques and routines that your trainer can tell you, but you can find those online. There are videos and step by step instructions of different workout and exercise routines that you can executive even within the comfort of your homes. Sometimes, the tutorials will also teach you how to improvise equipment with materials that are easily found in your homes, for example you can fill a water container with pebbles to create an improvised hand dumb bell. There are also videos that you can rent out. For better savings, you can rent out the CDs of these videos in your local libraries.


If you have a bike, then you can cycle around your neighborhood. Aside from it is a good hobby and stress-releasing activity, it can also be a good way to stay fit. You can do this anytime and anywhere. You get to choose the neighborhood or vicinity you want to explore, and then you can use your bicycle anytime.

For better experience, you can invite a friend to join you. It becomes a bonding activity for the both of you and you get fit together.

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Best Low-Calorie Foods for Weight Reduction

Best Low-Calorie Foods for Weight Reduction


Is the bathroom scale screaming at you and tells you that you need to reduce your body mass even just a little? Are your pants too small for you already and you don’t want to buy a new one just yet? Do you think you’re losing your dream body simply because you can’t stop eating? Don’t worry, you don’t have to reduce your food intake. You just have to watch out what you eat. You just need to make sure that you live a low-calorie diet, to make sure that you don’t go beyond the needed calorie count for the day. There is a lot of low-calorie food that you can eat, which are basically just as tasty as and definitely much healthier than your usual meals.

So basically what is the advantage of eating a low-calorie diet? Eating foods that are low in calorie enables you to eat more of it. So if your hunger strikes five or even six times a day, you can fill up yourself as long as you eat healthy and low in calorie foods. That way, you won’t have to starve yourself, at the same time, you won’t need to exceed the recommended number of calories a day.

Here are some of the highly-recommended low calorie foods that you will enjoy:

Celery Sticks

celery-sticksYou don’t need to be a rabbit to enjoy a stick of celery. A celery stick contains only around 5 calories per stem, making it the most recommended food by dieticians and nutritionists for people who don’t like to starve themselves but are motivated to reduce their weight. It has also been known that certain phytochemicals in celeries can relax tissues in the artery walls, thus increasing the blood flow and lowering the blood pressure.

Keep in mind that there are those who advertise peanut butter-filled celery sticks. As much as possible, avoid these too because the filling also gives a huge amount of calories, thus, neglecting the purpose of why you are eating a celery stick in the first place.


orange-slicesAside from containing Vitamin C which is essential to strengthen the immune system, Oranges are also good diet foods because they do not contain much calories. Around 100 g of oranges only contain a mere 47 calories, making it a good food for those who want to eat healthy, at the same time low-calorie. Aside from Vitamin C, oranges also contain a hint of other vitamins, making it a good food for everyone who are obsessed with their health and fitness.


watermelon-slicesNaturally, watermelons tend to be sweet. But what might surprise you is the fact that it is indeed, a low-calorie fruit. Aside from being low on calories, watermelons have in them antioxidants that can remove toxins in your body thus, cleansing it. Researches have also shown that watermelons can be a good way to boost up your body’s metabolism


bottle-waterBut perhaps the best way, in order to fill yourself up, making you eat less of the high-calorie food is water. Drinking a lot of water makes you feel like you’re already full. It has no calories, which is a good sign. Also, your body needs water to keep it very much hydrated for it to function properly, thus, water should be very much incorporated in your diet.

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Benefits of Brisk Walking

Benefits of Brisk Walking

When you wake up each morning, what do you usually do?

If you are not the type to put extra efforts into slimming down, then enjoying a few moments outside in leisure just might be the thing for you. So go out, enjoy the gentle morning sun while doing a good, light exercise. All you have to do is walk a little faster than your usual pace, enjoy the sceneries out there or you could just indulge yourself in contemplating about some happy thoughts while walking briskly. This much could do you many benefits.

Brisk-Walking-BenefitsBrisk walking is an easy, safe and inexpensive painless workout with the least dropout rate among any others. It does not even require any skills and it is physically possible for all ages. You do not even have to go that fast.  You need to exert just enough for you to be breathing harder than usual but not gasping for air. At this pace, you should still be able to speak in full sentences but unable to sing. You would be pleased to know what you can get for engaging in this stress-free activity.

Walking burns calories, which brings more benefits to your body. It also improves muscular endurance and tones your arms, shoulders and upper back. It also strengthens and shapes your legs and tones your butt and thigh. It also helps maintain healthy joints as it stimulates and strengthens bones. Moreover, walking is good for your muscles especially because when you are walking, all the muscles in your body contract.

It also boosts your vitamin D levels. If you are walking outside in daylight, you will be boosting your body’s stores of vitamin D.

Although paradoxical, engaging in this activity gives you energy because it facilitates circulation and increases oxygen supply to each cell in your body, making you feel more alert and alive. Studies also show that brisk walking boosts our body’s immunity.

It makes you happy. Getting active lowers levels of cortisol and releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety.

Most importantly, this exercise is good for your heart and brain. It reduces risk of heart diseases and stroke and regulates cholesterol and blood pressure. It also has a protective effect on the brain and, study affirms, that it improves memory, cognitive control and academic performances in preadolescents.

In addition, since this exercise is leisurely, you could function mentally and physically at the same time. So, while working your way out to a well-toned and fit body, do a little soul-searching. Work your mind back to some good experiences, rethink the times when you could have done something better, play the devil’s advocate or come up with new, random ideas just about anything – just give your mind some exercise and try to discover solutions to your little troubles.

It is all good, you see. All you need are a pair of good walking shoes and loose, relaxed clothes that will leave enough room for air to circulate while you are walking. Fitness experts advise that one should walk for at least 30 minutes, five times a week, if not more.

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